So very excited to share over 30 paintings in my upcoming Gallery Art Show in London, Ohio. “Healing Through Art… An Artist’s Journey” just makes sense to share with my friends, customers and the public. We all have different things we heal from everyday knowingly or not. I found through my major healing crisis, days on end of not feeling well, and bursts of hours or days I did feel like my old self… Art was truly a blessing. I also discovered so much as I saw different levels of healing come through my canvas! I am excited to share this show that runs for 30 days. I am even more excited to share through art classes how to find a piece of yourself when it bleeds through your paint strokes! Please let me know if you would like a private tour of the gallery if you cannot come during open hours listed on the poster below! Love B:)


7.27.16 Today marks a New Day for me!  It has been a week now since I woke up to no pain and a new crisp feeling inside!  I have not felt this great in over two years!!  I have went through numerous things to help heal myself.  Acupuncture, Chiropractics, Pranic Healing, Hands laid upon me in church and by friends, massage therapy, read numerous books, changed my eating patterns, treated by Cleveland CLinic and numerous other kinds of doctors.. and the list goes onward. AND of course have created some great healing artwork along the way too!  Diagnosed with Granulamatosis with Poyangiitis (Wegeners) one year ago… and hadn’t felt well prior to it for more than a year.

But today!!  One week in my new life!  Praise God because I have so much to share and do and teach and more!  I have so much art to create and teach… I feel healed!  I feel cured…. Time will tell as far as medical proof.. but I KNOW inside I am healed and feel so wonderful!!  Thank you EVERYONE who has prayed for me over the last year… and thank you for continued prayers!!  Love B:)

Delivering messages for healing, peace and happiness in an otherwise challenging world; I want others to know they are never alone in their healing journey.