Through divine visions and daily audible messages I was led to be an Artist, Writer and Teacher.

July 2019….a pause in life along a country road to connect with the beauty and serenity of nature. 

I believe and know that each person is born with unique gifts of the soul.  Our ever changing and evolving life path leads us onward into the frail unknown future.  Whether we keep our creations and writings in solitude, or risk sharing them with others; creating and writing can heal us in very divine ways; nurturing our souls to carry us through the toughest of times, and sharing our bliss of happiness and joyful moments.

As an Artist I focus on allowing my intuition to lead the way from start to finish with every creation from my soul. It took practice to hone my skills and merge them with the divine audible messages and visions I receive.  But through my personal journey, and creating over 400 paintings that have touched so many lives I know Art can heal people, when something about it, reaches deep into their hearts.

As a teacher it is my mission to share what I have learned and know on my own life journey. Teaching others how to connect with their own soul and create what their soul desires to create is important: because this is where your creative foundation can grow and flourish and where healing takes place.  My classes empower you to have fun and contain all you need to grow in the hidden gifts of your soul.  Each student gains more confidence in skills and their own intuitions with time.  And I love being there watching the beauty unfold for each one.

As a writer I am a storyteller with the knowledge of the power of words.  Words can educate, empower and heal.  My messages reach those who need them at precisely the right time and place.  And the joy of creating children’s books fulfills my inner child so joyously.  So many wonderful books of sharing art, stories, and instructive how-to’s are planned for the future.  I love empowering others and sharing my journey.  It is through our stories we can inspire, empower and help each other through love.

Beckie J. Neff ~ Artist


Delivering messages for healing, peace and happiness in an otherwise challenging world; I want others to know they are never alone in their healing journey.